Superdarling - Album

by Tanya-Lee Davies

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Tanya-Lee Davies’ femme-pop alter-ego surfaces and takes the form of Superdarling.
She bows to the mood of Bacharach, the spirit of Carole King and gives a romantic nod in the direction of Lucinda Williams; songstress Tanya-Lee writes and performs with pop panache.
Gorgeous melodies, tales tall and true and sun kissed earthy tunes bind this 11 track cd recorded with maestro Bruce Haymes at the helm.
This album has a PhD in lurve and associated practises. Romantic to the core, in another era Superdarling may have been a southern belle, a 60’s icon or Parisian artist’s muse……
Weaving lush, warm sounds and open-heart surgery lyrics, Tanya-Lee captures a Kodak moment of new beginnings, hopeful encounters and worldly wanderings.
She’s chic but earthy
She’s loungey pop
She’s psychedelic folk


released July 2, 2013

All songs written by Tanya-Lee Davies
All vocals Tanya-Lee Davies
Bruce Haymes - all keyboards, bass, drums, electric guitar on Never Enough & Blow My MInd.
Sam Lemann - acoustic guitar on Wavelength, This Bliss, Waiting and Praying, Breathe. Electric guitar on Dancing.
Jeff Raglus - Trumpet on Waiting & Praying



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Tanya Lee Davies

Superdarling sprang like spring from the imagination of Australian songstress (& queen of the patio frock) Tanya-Lee Davies. In-love with a good melody & lyrics that make you double take, Superdarling lures you toward 11 lush songs, dreamy sounds, hypnotic beats & the words of a romantic. Submerge yourself. In her past life TLD's Perfect Moment & Bloom cd's took you to equally sweet places. ... more

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Track Name: Wavelength
I've been travelling many miles, I've been following a sound
Moving to a rhythm to a beat my heart has found
it pulls me on, it picks me up, it spins me round
now it seems I've found
I'm on your wavelength are you receiving me.
I'm sending love vibrations, I'm tuned into your station, feel me,
I'm on your wavelength are you receiving me
Track Name: This Bliss
When I woke up this morning your name was on my lips
I didn't make a sound I didn't even whisper it
I just rolled it around on my tongue, let it melt in my mouth
til the taste had run out
and this bliss is at my finger tips, this bliss is at my finger tips
Track Name: Blow My Mind
You're everything under the sun, I'm over the moon, you're outta this world tell me what planet did you come from, you blow my mind
Track Name: Beautiful Thing
I'm driving I'm gliding in my car, I'm contemplating miracles, I'm floating my feet don't touch the ground, I'm contemplating miracles, I'm reckless, I'm breaking all the rules, driving too fast and watching the view, I'm tuning into the radio, I've got Barry White in stereo, and it's a beautiful thing.
Track Name: Waiting & Praying
Come inside let's go deep you know it's time, lets go deep that's where it's sweet, you know it's time, show your love and I'll show mine
Come inside you know it's time let's unwind you know it's time,
use your love light make me shine
This belongs to me, this moment's mine you know it's time
I've been waiting for you and I've been praying for you
Track Name: Breathe
Breathe out breathe in, another day begins, rush here and there, what's that about, sleep deep, sleep in, forget where you've been, try to block it out what's that about. Too little not enough, too gentle or too rough, you're never satisfied what's that about, get the picture, set the scene, hello, goodbye and in between try to sort it out, what's that about.
Track Name: Dancing
You're the best party I've ever been to, the greatest book I ever read, tallest building I ever leapt from the best secret I ever kept
.....and now we're dancing.
You're the brightest light that ever shone, the purest heart, the sweetest lips I've ever drunk from
.....and now we're dancing.
Track Name: Never Enough
It's never enough, and you don't know when to stop, you say it's not enough but you never know where to stop, you got time to spend, lets see what you buy with it, and it's never enough
Track Name: What You're On
I want some of whatever's going around, just a little more so my feet don't touch the ground and want more love so I can feel high, & I want more time so I can watch it fly by. I want a little thrill something to pick me, I need a change of heart I need a change of luck, and I want more of whatever's going around a little more love to turn
Track Name: There There
I don't want much from you, a little sanity will do, that angry mouth will be the death of you...... you better give me some sweet talk now.
Track Name: Sometimes
Some things you worship, some things you abuse and after the damage is done it alters the view, some things are holy and some things are true, some times it's slow, sometimes it's fast you're hands are on the wheel but your mind is on the past, and sometimes the planets align and its all worth it and it's divine and it's all perfect.... sometimes